Arteflame Insert Weber/Kettle Grill

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The Arteflame grill grate replacement inserts convert kettle grills into an Arteflame cooking experience. They are direct replacements for the grill grate that came with your grill and converts your grill into a grill / griddle combination. The insert is a solid carbon steel cooking surface (6mm Thick) just like the Arteflame grills.

Product Description

The Arteflame insert replaces any Weber style grill grate with a combination grill and griddle. Arteflame inserts are perfect for grilling seafood, steaks, burgers, veggies and more.  The griddle eliminates the slots through which the falls and loses all its juiciness.  Perfect for getting that delicious smokey flavor without the burn.

Arteflame eliminates material imperfections and smoothes all steel edges so no food particles can lodge and hide... (yuck!). This method is more expensive than processes used overseas but it ensures all products are scale free, ready for cooking and guaranteed to be food grade. 

Does not contain lead like porcelain coated grill grates and griddles, will not break or crack when dropped like cast iron, does not contain Cadmium like plated grill grates do. The steel is extra thick and will last a lifetime.  Makes for the perfect grill accessory gift for the griller in your life!



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Customer Reviews

Absolutely Awesome

I got the Arteflame insert for my Weber 57 Mastertouch grill purely because I wanted some form of plancha that gives me more options to grill with different food. Whether your smashing burgers, grilling seafood / vegetables or searing / reverse searing steaks I found that the Arteflame is my all round go too. I can have both a hot and no so hot zone just by moving the charcoal around, which is great for those longer cooks. If you’re considering a plancha then definitely look at the Arteflame insert ….. Service is also excellent!

John Dolan -East Midlands UK