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Grill, griddle, fire pit & more.

BBQ's will never be the same.

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more than just a grill

Grill, griddle, fire pit & more.

Arteflame Grills are handcrafted to bring beauty and functionality to your outdoor entertaining. Grill, griddle, fire pit all in one. 

Arteflame Euro40 £1,949.00
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Arteflame Euro40 Low Base £2,195.00
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Arteflame ONE20-AIR £899.00
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Arteflame — Grilling in style

Used by world renowed chefs

Arteflame grills make it easy to prepare and serve delicious food in a way that is easy, fun and totally unique. Arteflame grills are designed to add life to your party while gathering your friends around. An Arteflame will be the centerpiece of your back yard. The gathering place. Because Arteflame grills convert easily into fire pits, people gather around them long after the cooking is done. Arteflame grills are made to last and create great memories for many years to come.

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Proud suppliers of Arteflame Grills and accessories in the UK

UK Grills are proud to be official suppliers of Arteflame's amazing grills, inserts and accessories across the UK. Whether you are cooking for the family or a large gathering the Arteflame grills are bound to be the centrepiece of your gathering.

Cook great food and make fantastic memories with your very own Arteflame.

becomes the centrepiece of your garden or venue

Arteflame grills are also designed to be absolutely gorgeous. They are designed to be the centerpiece in any garden.

Doubles up as a fire-pit & so much more

All Arteflame grills also double up as fire pits giving them another unique function traditional grills just don't have.

long-lasting made of weathering steel

Made from CORTEN steel or "weathering" steel. This steel is expensive but exceptionally tough and weather resistant.

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"It's amazing. You can make steaks or burgers diner/teppanyaki style on the griddle, or live fire style on the grate. Or both."- Larry Olmsted, Forbes.com

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